Certification, ISO, audits

Znojemské strojírnyISO 9001

All processes influencing quality are constantly checked and improved.

These processes are certified to ISO 9001 and they are regularly tested in:

  • internal audits
  • external audits carried out by an auditing company
  • special audits by our customers

Being a subsupplier for aerospace industry we are a certified and authorized supplier for two biggest Czech aircraft producers - Aero Vodochody a.s. and Latecoere Czech.

We also are an audited and authorized supplier for other significant Europian companies: L’orange GmbH , Alcatel Vacuum Technology , Manroland AG, SKF Group, ITEMA-Sulzer Textile, GOSS Graphic, Index Werke, ...

ISO 14001

We are aware of the necessity of the environment protection – that is why it is in our interest to organize all our activities in accordance with all environmental regulations and environment protection.

Our company is therefore certified to ISO 14001 standard.


Znojemské strojírny
Znojemské strojírny