History and development of our company

  • 1992    

    • The company ZNOJEMSKE STROJIRNY, Ltd. was founded in Znojmo on 11 June 1992 by seven members of management of an affiliated branch of Motorpal Jihlava, Ltd. in Znojmo. Subsequently, they bought this affiliate and on 1 November 1992 the production was started with forty-one employees.
    • The company continued in more than forty years' engineering tradition and from the very beginning it was established in accordance with accepted strategic plan as a specialized subsupplier of precision and technically demanding machined parts and subassemblies.

  •  1993 – 2008

    • In the following years the company gains a range of new customers, mostly renowned European machine and equipment finishing companies from aerospace industry, production of textile, printing and milling machines, compressors, vacuum pumps, etc.
    • The company increases sales and the number of employees. The turnover reaches more than 100 mil. CZK and the number of employees is higher than 140.
    • ISO 9001 and 14001 certification and qualitative certificates of a range of significant customers.
    • Innovation of machinery equipment and introducing of progressive machining and measuring technologies. Gradual purchase of 10 CNC lathes, 10 CNC machining centres and 3D measuring machine.

  •   2009

    • Dramatic fall of sales and the number of employees as a result of the global economic crisis in progress at that time.
    • Successful overcoming of this critical period.

  •   2010 – 2012

    • Repeated increase of both the number of employees and production for traditional and new customers. Significant increase of the share of production of aerospace industry components.
    • Znojemske strojirny, Ltd. is one of founder members of "The Moravian Aerospace Cluster" and "The Association of Czech Aviation Manufacturers".
    • The company has been gradually carrying out an extensive investment project to modernize the shop floors and service operations. This project represents purchasing of 12 technological units, e.g. more 3-5 axis machining centres, CNC grinders, CNC combination lathe centres and a mobile 3D measuring machine.
    • Lean manufacturing principles are introduced (5S, FMEA, ...).
    • Investment in IT and ERP. An upgrade of the information system - extension by APS for higher quality capacity management and delivery deadlines.
    • The owners have not changed during a nearly twenty-year existence of the company and they have been participating actively in its management and development.

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