Motto: " Corporate culture is a generally accepted model of behaviour and values ​​that are common to all employees of the company."

 Every member of staff:

- always acts honestly, openly and fairly,
- is responsible for the results of his/her work, which is of high quality and effective,
- values the customer who will use the results of his/her work: high quality is a priority of the company,
- is aware that the customer’s existence does not depend on the company, but the future of the company depends on customers,
- works independently, but when it comes to decision making on key issues of the company, he/she is aware of the necessity to work in a team,
- recognizes the importance of teamwork, wants to work in a team and wants to become a member of a successful team.  He/she appreciates mutual willingness to co-operation,
- respects his/her colleagues‘ work and does not refuse their proposals for problem solving,
- contributes to achieving the company’s objectives, including respecting the environmental policy rules,
- thinks creatively,
- is ready and able to respond to changes if it is necessary for the company to change the "fixed" style of work.


He/she takes for granted:

- to be proud of the company that he/she works for,
- to support maintaining and promoting of the company’s goodwill,
- to look after his/her appearance which should be appropriate to work he/she does
- keeping his/her workplace neat and tidy,
- a positive attitude to the environment and its enforcement in the company.

The company ZNOJEMSKE STROJIRNY, Ltd. is and will be good and successful as long as its staff are and will be good and successful.
Therefore, it will always make effort to have only the best employees. At the same time the company makes conditions for its staff to be able to achieve it.

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